Our Initiative

Our initiative will replace marijuana prohibition with a more sensible and just approach. Read the full initiative text here. In short, the measure would amend the state Constitution to:

Legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older

Marijuana is objectively safer than alcohol, and it's time to stop wasting Missouri law enforcement resources punishing adults for it. A 2018 study found that police in other states were able to solve a higher rate of serious crimes after passage of legalization laws. 

Create a 15% tax on marijuana sales

Taxing retail sales of marijuana at 15% will generate tens of millions of dollars in new revenue each year. Our initiative splits the funds between veterans’ services, Missouri’s roads and bridges, and drug addiction treatment programs. 

Expunge prior marijuana offenses

According to FBI statistics, there were over 22,000 arrests for marijuana in Missouri in 2016 alone. A criminal record for marijuana can carry lifelong repercussions, which is why our initiative allows individuals previously convicted for a low-level marijuana offense to clear their record. 

Establish commonsense regulations

Our proposal would legalize marijuana responsibly. That means child-proof packaging, a ban on products designed to be appealing to underage consumers, and severe restrictions on advertising. 

Local control

Local communities would be permitted to opt-out of adult use retail marijuana sales through a vote by local residents. 

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